Project: Salesian residence on Lungi
Size: 36 panels (11.22 kWp)
Country/Date: Sierra Leone/2023
Impact: Agricultural school, primary and secondary school
Project: Medical Mission Sisters Residence
Size: 72 panels (28.8 kWp)
Country/Date: Ghana/2022
Impact: Improvement of the provided service
Project: Don Bosco Lungi farm
Size: 20 panels (9,8 KWp)
Country/Date: Sierra Leone/2022
Impact: Poultry farm, water pumps, offices and warehouse
Project: Ditunga Center - DRC
Size: 20 panels 6,7 kWp
Country/Date: D.R. Congo/2021
Impact: Education, health, other
Project: Bo Parish Community
Size: 6 panels (2.4 kWp)
Country/Date: Sierra Leone/2021
Impact: Community
Project: Homeleone "Destiny Village"
Size: 200 panels (68 kWp)
Country/date: Sierra Leone/2021
Impact: Community, health, edudaction, employment, etc.
Project: St. Joseph Parish Liberia
Size: 30 panels (11,4 kWp)
Country/Date: Liberia/2021
Impact: Don Bosco offices and parish
Project: Water pump in Santa Cruz - Cape Verde
Size: 34 panels (11,2 kWp)
Country/Date: Cape Verde / 2019
Impact: 70 Families
Project: Moringa processing facility
Size: 60 panels (19,8 kW)
Country / Date: Sierra Leone / 2019
Impact: Economic Development for Farmers
Project: Water pump for Agric. Coop.
Size: 34 Panels (10,3 kW)
Country/Date: Cape Verde/2018
Impact: 71 families