Project: Ndava maternal and child center
Size: 36 panels (17,28 KWp)
Country/Date: Burundi/2022
Impact: Improving maternal and child health and health care
Project: Djelinfing Maternity, Mali
Size: 24 Panels (10,56 kWp)
Country/Date: Mali / 2021
Impact: Health
Proyect: Maria Ines Tailoring School Lunsar
Size: 30 panels 380W (11,4kWp)
Country/Date: Sierra Leone/2021
Impact: Education
Project: Santa Martha Pediatric Clinic - Kenya
Size: 24 panels (8,8 kW kWp)
Country/Date: Kenya/2021
Impact: Health
Project: Kingantoko Health and Maternity Centre
Size: 20 panels (6,8 kWp)
Country/Date: D.R.Congo/2021
Impact: The entire population of the village and the surrounding area and professionals of the centre.
Project: Health and maternity centre San Fidele
Size: 18 panels (6,1 kWp)
Country/Date: D.R.Congo/2021
Impact: Patients, 400 students, faculty and nurses and their families
Project: Telema Mental Health Centre
Size: 35 panels (12 kWp)
Country/Date: D.R.Congo/2021
Impact: 100-200 patients per day
Project: Mua Mission Hospital, Malawi
Size: 75 Panels (25 kWp)
Country/Date: Malawi/2020
Impact: 28.000 people
Project: Tapeta Compound, Liberia
Size: 18 panels (6 kW)
Country/Date: Liberia/2020
Impact: Students, Patients, & Community
Project: Ebome Hospital
Size: 60 panels (18,3 kW)
Country/Date: Cameroon/2019
Impact: 25.000 patients & 1.200 births per year