St. Joseph Parish Liberia

  • Total Investment: 19.000€
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As a result of the previously designed and installed solar systems in the Don Bosco centers in Liberia (María Auxiliadora School, 8th Street Technical School and the Tapeta complex, medical center, school and residence), the director of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Liberia asked us for a solar system to supply the offices and the parish where the congregation manages its social work.

In Liberia, the electrical grid supply is very deficient, with frequent and prolonged power cuts, which forces the center to depend on a generator during the electrical cuts. This implies difficulties in the operation of the center and a high fuel cost, in addition to the pollution generated by the gas emissions and acoustic noise.

Eki has calculated and designed the photovoltaic system to improve this situation, with an electrical backup power capacity of 8KVA and a solar field of 11.2kWp.



  • NGO: Salesians of Don Bosco
  • Service: Electrical power supply 24/7
  • Impact: Community
  • FV Installation: 30 panels (11,4 kW)
  • Social Impact: Service to offices and parish community


Through this project, the EKI Foundation assures the center a stable and reliable electrical supply and eliminates environmental pollution. It is very important to underline that the installation works where carried out by local technicians trained at Don Bosco's 8st Technical High School in Monrovia. This is an important step in their training so that in the future they can design and install themselves new installations promoting this way the use of renewable energies and the creation of local activity. The EKI Foundation is also promoting the solar photovoltaic training program at the center. In 2020 EKI also designed and installed a PV system at the 8st Technical High School to ensure a stable and safe electrical supply.

This installation is remotely monitored by Eki and the Don Bosco 8st technical high school, to ensure a proper operation and as a teaching tool for the students.