Project: Mpasa II Compound
Size: 12 panels (3,6 kW)
Country/Date: D.R. Congo/2018
Impact: 120 students and 20 women per course
Project: Mtengo Hospital
Size: 40 panels (9,8 kW)
Country/Date: Malawi/2017
Impact: 70.000 beneficiaries
Project: Yirol Mission
Country/Date: South Sudan/2017
Impact: Community and surrounding villages
Project: Mange Bureh School
Size: 21 panels (5,67 kW)
Country/Date: Sierra Leone/2017
Impact: 700 students and 5 resident teachers
Project: Mpasa II Maternity and medical dispensary
Size: 18 panels (4,68 kW)
Country/Date: D.R.Congo/2017
Impact: 36.000 beneficiaries and 650 births yearly
Project: Boarding school in Puca Pampa
Size: 8 panels (2,38 kW)
Country/Date: Bolivia/2017
Impact: 30 residents and 100 students
Project: Boarding school in Chichayoc
Size: 10 lighting kits and 2 autonomous streetlights
Country/Date: Bolivia/2017
Impact: 20 residents and 100 students