Homeleone "Destiny Village"

Home Leone is an English NGO whose mission is to create a community on the outskirts of Freetown (Newton - Waterloo) that allows more than 2,000 people to leave the slums of freetown, where there are conditions of extreme poverty and the possibilities to prosper and break the circle of poverty are minimal. Currently they have already built the first 60 houses where more than 240 people live. With the construction of the Village, a primary and secondary school and workshops were also introduced that allow the community to create businesses and jobs and education for children.

For the community to function, it is necessary to have a reliable electricity supply. The electricity grid does not reach this area, so until now they had two electric generators that required a high cost in fuel and maintenance, in addition to the environmental and noise pollution that they implied.

EKI designed an installation with 200 panels, with a total peak power of 68 kW, and 8 lithium batteries of 15.4 kWh (accumulation of 123.2 kWh total). It was also taken into account that the system could be expanded according to the future energy needs of the community.



  • NGO: Homeleone  (Destiny Village)
  • Service: Light and electricity supply 24/7
  • Impact: Community, health, education, employment, etc.
  • FV Installation: 200 panels (68 kW)
  • Social Impact: Improvement in living conditions at various levels: health, education, environment, etc.



Through this installation, the EKI Foundation provides a quality and reliable electricity supply to the village and eliminates environmental pollution since the generators have become a punctual support in cases of cloudy days and moments of high consumption, instead of being the main electricity source. The installation is large and complex (three-phase and parallel inverters with AC coupling inverter) and is monitored remotely by Eki from Getxo to ensure its proper functioning.