Solidarity-based financing

EKI Foundation has developed a solidarity financing approach aimed at filling a financing gap in medium-sized solar PV installations in sub-Saharan Africa. As such, the Foundation seeks to facilitate access to clean and affordable energy for institutions that would otherwise not be able to afford the high initial outlay.

This approach is based on removing financial barriers and promoting the sustainable development of the centers, thus strengthening the educational and health infrastructure and contributing to sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa.


Fundación EKI has the support of a team of technical experts who guarantee the design, supply and supervision of the installation of the solar systems under the quality standards and requirements expected by the Foundation.

Promoting local industry

EKI Foundation is firmly committed to boosting the local solar photovoltaic industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Knowing that access to energy is crucial and represents a structural transformation, the Foundation seeks to promote job creation and economic activity by boosting the local solar industry.

Through solidarity financing, Fundación EKI facilitates the installation of photovoltaic systems in communities in collaboration with local entities. By boosting the local solar photovoltaic industry, EKI not only extends access to electricity, but also contributes to generating employment and promoting sustainable economic development in the region.

Technical assistance and monitoring

To ensure long-term sustainability and efficiency, Fundación EKI remotely monitors all installations. It is a crucial tool in the management of solar photovoltaic energy systems, as it allows real-time monitoring of the performance of the installations, collecting data such as energy production and equipment status.

This makes it possible to detect problems, take preventive and corrective measures, and evaluate part of the long-term impact of your projects. Thanks to remote monitoring, Fundación EKI ensures a reliable supply of clean energy and optimizes the efficiency of its facilities for the benefit of users.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

The qualification of professionals will make it possible to accompany and promote the growth of the sector’s activity. The development of the industry requires adequate personnel for the design, installation and maintenance of solar PV systems.

For this reason, the activity of promoting professional training (TVET) in solar photovoltaic started as a line of action in EKI in 2020 with a double objective: to reinforce with the participation of local personnel our capacity to carry out installations and to create local industry with the training of new professionals.