Water pump in Santa Cruz, Cape Verde

  • Total Investment: 4.300 €
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Through the NGO Legorretatik Mundura, and after the successful installation in Cape Verde in 2018, we have carried out a similar installation for another farmers cooperative (Associaçiao Dos Amigos Do Ambiente Da Aldeia De Coba de Barro). The cooperative does not have access to the electrical grid, and they had to power the water pump with a generator set that broke down frequently.



NGO: Legorretatik Mundura

SERVICE: Photovoltaic energy supply for the water pump

IMPACT: 70 families

PV INSTALLATION: 34 panels (11,2 kW)

SOCIAL IMPACT: Improvement in wáter supply

PROJECT SITUATION: In full operation



The cooperative was in charge of manufacturing the support structure for the panels and the installation of the equipment. EKI Foundation also sent small solar kits that include a solar panel and a battery-powered light bulb. These kits were distributed among the locals who do not have a network connection electric in their houses.

The NGO Legorretatik Mundura, focuses on sending aid to rural Cape Verde. This cooperative of small farmers could not afford to cover the costs of operating the water pump with a generator, so that despite having a well, its water supply was limited.

With this solar installation they can count on water for irrigation on a continuous basis, achieving a substantial improvement in harvests and improving both the access to food of the premises and their economic capacity.

The material was sent in a humanitarian aid container organized by the NGO Legorretatik Mundura from Pamplona and thanks to the important work carried out by the NGO Ayuda Contenedores.