St. Irene Primary School on Lobur

The St. Irene Primary School, belonging to the Lobur Mission located in Turkana, Kenya, is part of the Tamaisan project, which will have a complex consisting of a preschool classroom, two kindergarten classrooms and six elementary school classrooms. It will also have a dining room where children will be served two meals a day, a library and a meeting room.

Continuous power outages in Cameroon make the center's day-to-day operations very difficult; medical equipment and the operating room become unusable during outages, and they are also unable to have a reliable water supply or to adequately refrigerate vaccines and medicines.



  • NGO: Missionary Community of St. Paul the Apostle
  • Service: Electricity and power supply 24/7
  • Impact: 104 students
  • PV Instalation: 20 panels (9.1 kWp) and lithium batteries (20 kWh)
  • Social Impact: Improved quality of education



The center currently has 104 students, 7 teachers and 6 employees. More than 50 families also benefit from the savings on the food provided to the children.

Santa Irene is also the center where those in charge are trained and the 9 nutrition centers of Lobur are coordinated, with a total of 1,500 people benefiting.