Saint Joseph Hospital in Bebedjia

The Saint Joseph Hospital in Bebedjia, located in the region of Logone Oriental, in the department of Nya (Chad), presented to us through the NGO Enganchados a project for the replacement of its battery bank; the hospital has a solar installation, but its batteries are old, of lead-acid technology, and were below 60% of their capacity.

The new bank of 12 batteries supplied by EKI will allow the hospital to have a reliable and continuous supply, thus being able to use electrical devices such as oxygen concentrators, electrical instruments, computers, etc., with guarantees.



  • NGO: Enganchados
  • Service: Electricity and power supply 24/7
  • Impact: 150-bed hospital
  • PV Instalation: 12 lithium batteries (184.8 kWh)
  • Social Impact: improvement in the quality of health care