The need to strengthen our installation capacity with the participation of local personnel, together with our commitment to help create local industry and encourage entrepreneurship, led us to embark on a new line of action: the promotion of photovoltaic vocational training to generate specialists.
The first training project began in August 2021 at the Salesian 8th Street center in Monrovia (Liberia). Fifteen young people graduated in January 2022, and another 20 started training in April. Four women are part of this second class.
In addition, the training project has received important recognition from the Liberian government, becoming the official occupational standard for photovoltaic technicians in the country.

We are interested in the trajectory of our graduates, and we are pleased to know that some of them have already worked as photovoltaic technicians performing several installations. Two of them have been hired by the center to become teachers.

Our second project will start in May at the Buterere vocational training center in Bujumbura (Burundi).
In March the material and equipment arrived at the center and the basic training of the teachers, six in total, was developed. The first course will offer basic solar training to students who are studying electricity and will consist of a nine-week module that will also integrate other content, in accordance with Burundi government requirements.
The second course will be aimed at people with no knowledge of electricity and will therefore be longer in duration and number of hours. We know that there is interest, because the solar system that the center has had installed for a year, and which is capable of supplying electricity to the entire educational complex, has been the best demonstration of the usefulness of solar technology in a country with severe limitations in terms of access to electricity.
Some of the teachers will then travel to Ghana to receive training at the Don Bosco Solar center to become advanced solar trainers, thus raising the level of training at the center with a third course.