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The EKI Foundation sends a solar installation to Cape Verde

Published by Eki.

On the 17/11/2018 a container full of humanitarian aid was sent to the island of Santiago, in Cape Verde, joining efforts with the NGO Legorratetic Mundura and the NGO Ayuda Contenedores.

This solar instalation is destined to the farmer's cooperative "Varzea Nova", specifically to power the pump that they use to extract water. Due to the high expenses of connecting to the power grid, the cooperative couldn't afford to turn on the water pump with enough periodicity as to cover their necessities. With the installation that has been sent they will have access to energy (and, as a consequence, water) during the whole day, substancially improving their work and life conditions.

We also want to thank Solarpack for donating the solar modules that were sent in the container.