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The EKI Foundation sends 4 solar installations to the D.R of Congo

Published by Eki.

On the 13/10/2018 a container full of humanitarian aid was sent to the D.R of the Congo in collaboration with the NGO Ayuda Contenedores and the Congregation of the Daughters of Maria Santísima del Huerto de Pamplona. The container carries 4 solar installations and humanitarian aid of first necessity that the Congregation will use in health centers, schools, and other centers that they manage in the D.R of Congo.

The four solar installations sent will ensure a clean and reliable source of electricity during the frequent and prolonged power cuts in a maternity and health center, a center for children with intellectual disabilities, a secondary school and an orphanage in the Benedictine monastery, and a primary school.



We also want to thank Solarpack for donating the solar panels that where sent in the container.




Article from the Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Huerto Pamplona

Article from the NGO Ayuda Contenedores