The Joy of Sisterhood School, Sierra Leone

  • Total Investment: 19.000 €
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THE JOY OF SISTERHOOD is a secondary school for girls that Clarisse Sisters have built in the far region of KAILAHUN, Sierra Leone near the border of Guinea. After finishing primary school it is fundamental for these girls to continue their studies near home. If not, they would have to move to other boarding schools (only those who can afford it) or drop out, and a large part of them also have to drop out of school due to becoming pregnant, and in this way they cannot get out of the circle of extreme poverty in which they are immersed. This new school gives them hope as it provides them quality education, so they can confront their difficult problems from a better position.



  • NGO: Clarisse Sisters of Sierra Leone
  • Services: Light, water, and electricity supply 24/7
  • Impact: 100 girls and Clarisse community
  • PV Installation: 27 panels (9 kW)
  • Social Impact: Improvement of the quality of education and water supply
  • Project Situation: In operation




Before the Project, there wasn’t any electricity supply in the school area, so they had to use a diesel generator for only 3 hours a day, denying them to give quality teaching. EKI Foundation has provided Clarisse’s residence and the secondary school with a modern and reliable photovoltaic system that gives electricity 24 hours a day. With this supply, they can have light in the classrooms, security lights, electricity connections for computers, projectors, refrigerators… as well as electricity for two water pumps used for the residence and the school.

This installation has been largely paid for by a grant awarded by the Getxo City Council for this project. This is why we want to express our gratitude to the town of Getxo in the name of all the teachers and students beneficiaries of the project.