Telema Mental Health Centre

  • Total Investment: 24.000 €
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The "Telema" Mental Health Centre is a psychiatric day centre. Since 1991, it is a place where mentally ill patients are treated and usefully occupied to favour their complete social - professional reintegration. It is located in the commune of Matete, Kinshasa, where there are daily and prolonged power cuts, making the operation of the centre very difficult.


The Telema Centre has several support programmes for people suffering from mental illness.

  • The dispensary attends 100 to 200 patients per day.
  • The Occupational Therapy Workshop, here they work with street patients, abandoned or without family support, with the aim of family and social reintegration.


During 2012, 42,320 patients were attended by professional nurse consultants, neuro-psychiatrists or psychologists.



  • Service: Light and power supply 24/7
  • Impact: 100-200 patients per day
  • PV Installation: 35 panels, (12 kWp)
  • Social Impact: Health



A photovoltaic installation has been commissioned which will provide electricity to the centre run by the Sisters Hospitallers. The centre was suffering from daily power cuts and had to rely on a large fuel generator, which was costly and unpleasant for staff and patients due to the noise and fumes emitted by the generator. Now, the centre can continue to provide a very important service with a stable, clean and reliable source of energy.


The patients are welcomed and cared for with the respect, charity and availability that they deserve as people. They try to combat everything that comes from the beliefs of "evil spirits and diabolical possessions". The ailments they suffer are explained to them and appropriate treatments are administered. In this way, among other means, they help to restore their human dignity and to put the person "back on his or her feet", which is what the name "Telema" means.

This project counted with the support of the NGO Africa Directo, which made a donation of € 5000. We greatly appreciate Africa Directo's commitment to this center, which offers a very important social service to the people of Kinshasa.