Santa Martha Pediatric Clinic - Kenya

The NGO Aztivate (Madrid, created and manages the Santa Martha Pediatric Clinic in Lokitaung (Turkana county in Kenya). Turkana is a remote isolated area with very harsh living conditions aggravated by the drought that devastates this area.

The clinic is connected to the electrical grid, but they needed less economic dependence on it and greater reliability since it presents daily outages. It was also intended to avoid environmental and noise pollution caused by the use of the grid since it is based on a local community generator that supplies electricity to various points in the area. EKI, in collaboration with Aztivate, designed an installation with 24 panels (total peak power of 8.8 kWp) and lithium batteries that can accumulate up to 20 kWh. The facility serves the pediatric center and the staff's homes (doctor, nurse, social worker, administration).



  • NGO: Aztivate
  • Service: Light and electricity supply 24/7
  • Impact: Health & Community
  • PV Installation: 24 panels (8,8 kW)
  • Social Impact: Health



Through this installation, the EKI Foundation assures a quality and reliable electricity supply for the clinic and eliminates environmental pollution. It is worth mentioning and thanking the collaboration of two technicians, Lourdes Glez Parejo y Javier Troyano from EFT the battery distributor,  in the installation of the equipment in Turkana.

The installation is monitored remotely by Eki from Getxo, Spain to ensure its proper functioning. EKI also distributed 20 solar bulbs to the local population.