Palabek Refugee Camp, Uganda

Uganda has continued to receive asylum seekers from South Sudan after a prolonged period of instability in some parts of the country. The influx of refugees to Uganda, especially through the border points of Ngomoromo, Waligo, Aweno Olwiyo and Madi Opei, all in the Lamwo district has led to the creation of a new refugee camp in Palabek run by the Salesians.



  • NGO; Salesians of Don Bosco, Uganda
  • Service: Light and 24/7 electrical supply
  • Impact: students and priests
  • PV Installation: 21 panels (5,7 kW),  lead acid batteries OPzS (38,4 kWh)
  • Social Impact: Improvement in the service and quality of the center
  • Project Situation:  Under development



The Salesians are focusing on the education of the children. This solar photovoltaic installation will electrify the residence and chapel of the TVET  (Technical Vocation Education Training) centre, and it will be the first one we undertake. The intention is to provide access the rest of the buildings, schools and workshops of the Palabek refugee camp with a social purspose. This area does not have access to the electricity grid, so they currently use electrical generators.

The Salesians are working with the more than 42,000 refugees in the camp and also with the population of nearby villages. In this short period of time, the Salesians have become a moral authority in the camp, for their proximity to the refugees and for the organization of small chapels that already function as schools for the youngest children.

The refugees build their houses on 30 square meter lots, where they also have a small garden. Accessibility to drinking water and training to increase the productivity of these gardens are another of the short-term objectives for the Salesians.