Mange Bureh School, Sierra Leone

  • Total Investment: 17.800€
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We have developed the offgrid photovoltaic project of an education mission of the Clarisas sisters in Sierra Leone. Consisting of three buildings and located in Mange Bureh, about three hours north of the capital Freetown, where approximately 700 children of primary and secondary education attend this center.



  • NGO; Missionaries of the International Church
  • Service: Lighting and 24/7 electrical supply, and water supply
  • Impact: 700 students and 5 resident teachers
  • PV Installation: 21 panels, (5,67 kW)
  • Social Impact: Improvement in education and water supply
  • Project Situation:  Installed and in full operation

Previous Situation; The school and teacher lodging didn´t have access to an electrical grid and counts on an old oversized generator, that is expensive to operate, to pump water, lighting, and run refrigerators.



The mission does not have an electrical grid connection and only relies on an old diesel generator that is regularly out of service. They mostly use the electric generator for an electrical water well pump, so having a reliable and sustainable energy source is essential.

On September 23,  2017, the photovoltaic equipment needed for the installation was shipped in a container full of humanitarian aid from Pamplona, in collaboration with the NGO “Ayuda Contenedores”.



Thanks to the installation provided by the Foundation Eki, they can now count on a clean and reliable electrical source for the school lighting, computer room, refrigerators, water pump, etc.

At the head of this school is Father José Radilla, a missionary of the Universal Church, assisted by three missionaries and local teachers. This initiative is being carried out in collaboration with Dr. Olga Ramírez, who provides permanent help to the missions of the Clarisas in this country.

Within the objectives of Eki is the promotion of local capacities. This installation has been carried out by a competent local team led by Andrew Tucker and supervised by Eki.