New Don Bosco Fambul workshops

This is an extension of the New Don Bosco Fambul II project that Eki installed two years ago. Two new workshops have been built in the Salesian complex, one is a workshop-school for metal carpentry and welding, and the other is a workshop-school for car repair. Both workshops will have high power machinery and high electrical consumption, so the existing installation has been expanded by adding a three-phase AC Coupling inverter of 20KW and 48 panels of 490W each, arranged as the roof of a parking lot for 6 cars, which provide shade.


  • NGO: Salesians of Don Bosco
  • Service: Electricity and power supply 24/7
  • Impact: students
  • PV Installation: 48 panels (23,52 KWp)
  • Social Impact: Educational improvement