Kingantoko Training Centre

  • Total Investment: 9.000 €
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The Kingantoko Training Centre is located 300 meters from the health centre. It provides training activities for the adult population of the surrounding villages. It also serves as a space for assemblies and meetings. Like the Health Centre, the Training Centre did not have access to electricity, so they used a diesel generator, which was not only expensive but also polluting.

The need for power supply is indispensable for computers, projectors, and sound, as well as interior and exterior security lighting.



  • Service: Power Supply 24/7
  • Impact: The entire population of the village and the surrounding area and professionals of the centre.
  • PV Installation: 12 panels (4,8 kWp)
  • Social Impact: Education



The EKI Foundation has installed a photovoltaic plant that will enable the Centre to have a 24/7 electricity supply, thus improving the quality of the education they currently provide. This was done at the same time as the Health Centre. During the installation, the students of the centre were allowed to learn how it works.