Kingantoko Health and Maternity Centre

  • Total Investment: 17.500 €
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Kingantoko is a village in Central Congo, two hours from the capital Kinshasa. The NGO SUSILA DHARMA, represented in Spain by Dr. Olga Ramirez, runs a health and maternity centre there. This location was not connected to the electricity grid, so the centre suffered constant cuts and deficiencies, as the generator rarely worked properly or had fuel.


Most night deliveries had to be done by the light of poor solar or battery-powered torches, or even by the light of mobile phones. In addition, because the cold chain was often lost, the material stored in the refrigerator spoiled.



  • Service: Power supply 24/7
  • Impact: The entire population of the village and the surrounding area and professionals of the centre.
  • PV Installation: 20 panels (6,8 kWp)
  • Social Impact: Health



EKI Foundation has installed a photovoltaic plant with which the Health and Maternity Centre will be able to properly develop its mission, enable the installation of electrical medical devices and promote health in the area, especially for mothers and babies.