Home of the Clarisses in Lunsar, Sierra Leone

  • Total Investment: 17.500 €
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The Clarisse Sisters of Sierra Leone have a girls’ school, Our Lady of Guadalupe, which goes from kinder garden to high school, with almost 2000 female students. In the town of Lunsar there is no electrical grid. The Sisters ran a diesel generator for just a few hours a day, since spending on diesel is difficult to bear. In January 2020, EKI personnel went to the rural town of Lunsar, in Sierra Leone to supervise the installation and commissioning of the solar system.



  • NGO: Clarisse Sisters of Sierra Leone
  • Service: light and electricity supply 24/7
  • Impact: Clarisse Sister & Volunteers
  • PV Installation: 40 paneles (10,08 kW)
  • Social Impact: Improvement in the quality of service
  • Project Situation: in operation



EKI Foundation has provided the Clarisse´s home with a modern and reliable photovoltaic system with lithium batteries that allows them to have electricity 24 hours a day. This makes life easier for them in their daily chores and in all the office functions necessary for the proper functioning of the school, as well as giving electricity to water pumps and refrigerators. The system also provides electricity to the volunteer house.

We thank once again the NGO Ayuda Contenedores from pamplona how helped us send the material to Sierra Leone.