Don Bosco Fambul I, Sierra Leona

  • Total Investment: 15.137€
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In collaboration with the Salesian Missions and the Don Bosco Fambul Center in Sierra Leone, the new Residence for girls with trauma, is electrified with solar energy. The Residence is located on the outskirts of the capital, Freetown. In this building there is going to live 30 girls who have left the street and prostitution to find a home and a new life with opportunities. The area is offgrid (isolated from the electrical network), so the solar installation provides them with all the necessary electricity  (light in the rooms and classrooms, computers, food refrigeration, ...).



  • NGO; Salesian Missions - Don Bosco
  • Service: Light and 24/7 electrical supply
  • Impact: 20 girls
  • FV Installation: 24 panels (6,6 kWp)
  • Social Impact : Improvement in living conditions
  • Project Situation: In operation



Thanks to the help of the Salesian Missions and the Don Bosco Fambul Center, this Residence is able to welcome girls who live in the street in situations of extreme vulnerability.

Alongside this building, others are being built for more marginalized girls and boys, as well as school, maintenance, staff and faculty services ...

We advise you to watch the LOVE video in the link below, to understand the enormous work carried out by the Salesians in Freetown and the importance of this solar installation.