Djelinfing Maternity, Mali

The NGO COOPERA from Logroño and Arquitectura sin Fronteras Navarra built in 2021 in Djelinfing, 5 hours from Bamako (capital of Mali) a maternity and child health center, with the support of the Government of Navarra and the Tafalla city council, and the determined impulse of Younoussa Sidibe, a Malian living in Pamplona.

EKI Foundation commissioned in November 2021 a photovoltaic solar installation with sufficient power to carry out the planned center activities. The center does not have a connection to the electricity grid (off grid).  The COOPERA and Arquitectura sin Fronteras Navarra project also implemented a well and solar water pump that ensures a water supply to the center and the nearby population.



  • NGO: COOPERA ONGD & Arquitectura Sin Fronteras Navarra
  • Service: Light and electricity 24/7
  • Impact: Health
  • PV Instalation: 24 panels (10,56 kWp)
  • Impacto social: Improvement in the medical services for the local population, especially children and women