In our daily activity as a Foundation we find ourselves meeting people whose work and selfless dedication to others inspire and encourage us in our task. We want to share their stories because they are an example and inspiration for all.
  • José Javier Parladé

    - Sevilla

    Father José Javier Parladé, Comboni missionary, arrived in South Sudan in 1972. In these 45 years he has suffered wars, famines, prison and all kinds of dangers, but it never crossed his mind to leave the country. Quite the opposite. "Mayor dit", as the locals know him, has done nothing but establish and maintain schools, hospitals and medical dispensaries earning the respect and admiration of hundreds of thousands of people whose lives he has touched. In Mabán, during the first 12 years, he set up schools and cooperatives in 91 communities around him.

    Yirol, Ayam, Adior, Lekadudu, BunAgany, Matbar, Panakar, are places where there are schools, kindergartens, schools for adults, medical dispensaries and chapels, and it is due to the tireless work of this Sevillian. Only in Yirol, the three schools that he started have 5600 students in total, plus a kindergarten with 600 students and two hospitals.

    Each weekend, he travels to one of the 54 chapels scattered throughout the region, each with its school and dispensary carrying hope where war and poverty have ravaged for decades.

    In 2009, Solarpack donated through Amsudán an electrical installation with photovoltaic panels, batteries, generator and a water pump, initiating a relationship that has been maintained throughout these years.

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  • Raúl Tolosana

    - Huesca

    Raúl is the Head Maintenance Manager at the modern Monkole hospital in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo.

    Only thanks to his selfless collaboration and his many hours of dedication onsite has it been possible to install our solar photovoltaic equipment in the medical and maternity clinic of the humble MPASA II neighborhood of Kinshasa.
    Thank you, Raúl; many nocturnal deliveries will be made in full light thanks to you.

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  • Olga Ramírez

    - Madrid

    Olga is a pediatrician in Collado-Villalba (Madrid). On a trip to Sierra Leone in 2012, she was impacted by the enormous needs she observed there. Since then, and without rest, she has promoted cooperation projects to promote health and education development in Sierra Leone.


    Here you can read how year after year, Olga Ramírez has mobilized hospitals, doctors, religious personnel, relatives, teachers, and has established a solidarity bridge with the communities of Sierra Leone.


    The Clinic “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in Mile91, the maternity annexed to the clinic built in 2015, the school “Bishop Conforti”, the mission / school of Mange Bureh, are institutions that know firsthand of the tireless work of Olga Ramirez for others.

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