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Mountaineer Alex Txikon and his team install solar panels donated by EKI at the Günther Messner school, Pakistan

Published by Eki.

Last September, a team of 10 people led by mountaineer Alex Txikon traveled to Pakistan. They drove 14 hours from Islamabad and then 3 hours further in an all-terrain vehicle to Diamoroy, where the gravel road ends. From here they did 12 km on foot, with 1,000m of elevation gain, to the village of SAIR.

The team carried a solar installation donated by EKI, of special characteristics to be carried "on the shoulder".  The solar panels selected were flexible and lightweight. However, among all the necessary equipment (inverter, batteries, panels, cables, tools,…) the weight to be transported was considerable, and the enormous effort of Alex's team was commendable.

The destination of this photovoltaic solar installation has been the school built in 2002 by the Günther Messner Foundation, where it was successfully installed.

This is the only electrical installation in the area. Until now, the people of Sair traveled 12 km on foot to be able to charge the batteries of their mobile phones and flashlights.

The team "on the way" went up to Nanga Parbat base camp, an 8,126 m high mountain, where they paid a small tribute to Messner.