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Light 24/7 at the Nursing School of Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Published by Eki.

On November 22, the EKI FOUNDATION put a solar installation into operation at the Lunsar Nursing School, "St. John of God Catholic School of Nursing" in Sierra Leone, belonging to the congregation of St. John of God. The Nursing School is one of the main institutions in the country, in terms of academic investment and services. It has 200 students (175 women and 25 men) and a staff of 23 teachers and employees (15 men and 8 women). In addition, there are two buildings for the accommodation of 100 resident students. Every year graduate nurses are ready to enter the health sector in Sierra Leone, which is need of professionals.

The school and student residences had great difficulties to develop their activities, since the state power grid only works at night (and many times not at all) from 7:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. For the rest of the day they connected a gasoline generator, and due to high fuel prices, they could only be allowed to use it for a few hours.

Now with the solar installation, which is working at full capacity and satisfaction, they have 24-hour power supply a day 7 days a week.