In our daily activity as a Foundation we find ourselves meeting people whose work and selfless dedication to others inspire and encourage us in our task. We want to share their stories because they are an example and inspiration for all.


  • Father Apollinaire Cibaka Cikongo

    - D.R. Congo

    Father Apollinaire leads the Ditunga Project, which is committed to the development of the city of Ngandanjika, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Father Apollinaire, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, studied philosophy and theology in Spain. With his Ditunga Project he has managed to build schools, a hospital, a church, a radio and a petrol station for his hometown of Ngandanjika, as well as to bring in agricultural machinery. This town of more than 100,000 people has no electricity network, so Father Apollinaire is also in charge of electrifying these centres and others that were already up and running with solar installations.

    To the question “what is the situation in the country today?”, Father Apollinaire answers the following:

    -F. Apollinaire:

    The situation in the Congo is very worrying. The food and health conditions are alarming, access to basic services such as schooling, drinking water or electricity are abysmal. According to a study commissioned by the Kasai Episcopal Assembly, 80% of Kasai children suffer from chronic malnutrition. We also suffer from the lack of peace in the country, there is no security, and basic civic and political rights are being trampled on.

    -EKI: How do you manage to get by?

    -F.Apollinaire: We draw strength from God, from faith… In spite of everything, we continue to believe in the human being, despite all the atrocities he may do. Your country may be hell, but it is your country.