In our daily activity as a Foundation we find ourselves meeting people whose work and selfless dedication to others inspire and encourage us in our task. We want to share their stories because they are an example and inspiration for all.


  • Natalia Guerrero

    - Spain

    Natalia is in charge, along with the rest of the COMCO team, of EKI Foundation's social networks and of advising us on communication.

    Natalia Guerrero is part of the COMCO team (, a leading communications company that advises EKI Foundation pro bono. Natalia selects EKI’s publications on social networks and helps us prepare and manage the events we hold throughout the year.

    She also helps us enormously to prepare our communication strategies and transmit effectively and clearly our work through the web and social networks.

    We would like to thank Natalia and the rest of the COMCO team for their help and dedication to this project.