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EKI FOUNDATION receives the support of Solarpack with the signing of a collaboration agreement for the deployment of its strategic plan for social action and promotion of sustainable development

Published by Eki.

EKI has signed a collaboration agreement with Solarpack to support the implementation of solar photovoltaic installation projects for electricity generation in schools, health centers and other community buildings of social interest that do not have a stable and sustainable energy service.

One of the main objectives of Solarpack's social action and sustainable development promotion plan, framed within its ESG 2021-2023 strategy, is to universalize access to clean energy. The Getxo-based multinational is committed to photovoltaic solar energy to generate a positive impact on both the environment and society, aligning social contribution and business activity through sustainable projects in the medium and long term.

With the signing of this partnership agreement, Solarpack has committed to Impact Africa, an impact investment fund launched by EKI Foundation, and the first instrument of an ambitious plan of investment vehicles in solar photovoltaic installations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The objective is to consolidate an imitable, scalable and replicable electric infrastructure financing model, and thus channel sufficient resources to cover this basic infrastructure for economic growth such as electric energy, extending the quality electric service, with clean and renewable energy.

In addition, within this collaboration agreement, photovoltaic professional training programs will be carried out, the second line of work opened by Fundación EKI, in order to train local specialists to help in the assembly and maintenance of the facilities, contributing to the creation of green job opportunities among the population.

EKI Foundation will also work closely with Solarpack to promote corporate volunteering and the dissemination of activities that contribute to sustainable development.