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EKI Foundation launches four projects in four new countries

Published by Eki.

So far this year, we have begun works in four new countries (Cameroon, Uganda, Cape Verde and Tanzania) with the following projects:

Cameroon-Ebome Hospital

The Ebome Hospital in Cameroon is managed by the NGO Ambala from Pamplona. In June, Ángel traveled to the hospital to install the equipment, which is already working at full capacity. It is one of the largest installations that we have carried out so far, with 60 panels and a lithium battery bank. You can see it HERE.


Uganda-Palabek refugee camp

In the Palabek refugee camp, in Uganda, the Salesians of Don Bosco have built a vocational training center to teach young refugees from South Sudan, so they may have new skills when they return to their country. At the beginning of August, the installation of a 21-panel system was carried out. You can see it HERE.


Cape Verde-Varzea Nova cooperative

71 families belonging to the farmer cooperative "Varzea Nova", in Cape Verde, now benefit from a solar installation to supply electricity to their irrigation pump. Before they could not afford to connect it due to the costly price of electricity. You can see it HERE.



Tanzania-Moyo Safi Hospital

In cooperation with África Directo, we have installed a 60-panel system in the Moyo Safi Hospital. This hospital, managed by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, serves a population of 50.000 people and is located in a neighbourhood of Dar Es Salaam, capital of Tanzania. You can see it HERE.