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EKI Foundation has been awarded in the VI edition of the Anesvad Foundation awards.

Published by Eki.

Coinciding with Africa Day, which is commemorated annually on 25 May, the Anesvad Foundation has held the VI edition of the Anesvad awards under the title HEALLTH.

This award is given in recognition of the important work that different organisations carry out in Africa to promote the Right to Health, one of the founding principles of Anesvad more than 50 years ago.

There are four categories of the award: Entrepreneurship, Perseverance, Education for Social Transformation and Innovation, which totals 120,000 euros so that the organisations can continue to contribute to development in Africa.

EKI Foundation has been awarded in the Innovation category for the Ndava Mother and Child Centre project in the province of Ngozi, Burundi, developed by the NGO ASU (Asociación Solidaria Universitaria,; its main objective is to improve the availability and access to quality healthcare, accessible to all and sustainable over time.

"We are aware that in order to achieve total electrification in Africa, a lot of work and a lot of people need to be involved. This has to be done by involving many people in this journey. For this reason, we are very grateful to all those people and organisations that help us to carry out our work, as is the case of Anesvad. Receiving this award is also an important stimulus that helps us to persevere and to try to overcome the difficulties we are facing in these complicated times", says José Galíndez, president of EKI.